Cal South Soccer Foundation Partners with PureGame to Run World Cup Fantasy League Fundraiser

Cal South Soccer Foundation and PureGame have collaborated to create an exciting World Cup Fantasy League with all funds going toward the development of youth soccer in southern California. 


Fullerton, California (November, 8th 2022) – Cal South Soccer Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a World Cup Fantasy League in association with PureGame, a local non-profit organization and partner, and critical contributor to youth sports development in southern California. The donation-based competition will raise funds to be injected directly into the local community through soccer programming, after-school sports projects, and youth coaching-mentorship initiatives. 


Champions Journey World Cup Fantasy League

The tournament rules are simple: submit predictions for all World Cup games and earn points for each correct guess. Points are awarded for correctly predicting:


  • Winning teams
  • Scores
  • Number of yellow and red cards
  • Total number of goals


All participants compete against one another. The player with the largest points tally at the end of the World Cup will take home the grand prize of $1,000


Fantasy League Structure

To get involved, participants must register and donate $30 via this link. From here, you’ll be directed to the application page where you will choose the Cal South Foundation Pool and can submit your predictions.


The league is divided into two stages:


Group Stage

  • Submit your predictions for all group stage games before the start of the tournament: November 22nd, 2:00 am
  • Once you’ve entered your preliminary predictions, you can make changes within the application throughout the World Cup.
  • Player total scores will be updated as the tournament progresses so you can track the standings regularly. 


Knockout Stage

  • Submit your winner predictions for each knockout round. 
  • If you accidentally predict double winners, you’ll be awarded zero points.
  • You can change your predictions before the deadline for each game. 



You must donate the entry fee to participate. There are no restrictions on the number of entries a person can make. However, you can only register one email address per entry. 


Every donation is shared 50/50 between Cal South Soccer Foundation and PureGame: two organizations dedicated to helping kids through sport, coaching, and mentorship in southern California. 


Join the action by registering here today

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