Field Development

Equally important to providing kids with access to soccer and other sports for their health and personal growth is providing safe, well-kept playing surfaces and spaces for kids to play these sports.

Via grants and consultation, Cal South Soccer Foundation works with communities and organizations to help create fields and other resources to support the development of fresh programs in underserved areas.

Mini-Pitch Development

With the installation of a mini pitch, we can bring play to our local communities. Space can be a premium here in California and these fields can be developed to fit the needs of the specific community. Soccer is a game for all and we believe everyone should have a space to play it.

Full-Sized Fields/Facilities

The Cal South Soccer Foundation has a deep and successful history of assisting with the development of brand new fields and the renovation of older fields.  We can also provide resources in helping to outline a plan for field renovation as well as help direct people to individual funding sources that support field development initiatives.